About Cycle Closet

Cycle Closet was born because the riders in our family couldn’t find a suitable selection of cycling kit in one place. We decided this gap for cyclists needed filling and so set out to build an unmatched range of head-to-toe cycling kit for all bike riders.

The search began for brands combining standout quality with a wide choice of style and fit for men and women

After linking up with many many kit designers in Australia and around the world, the first physical Cycle Closet store opened it’s doors in Adelaide, SA, Australia in October 2015. The second store, our online store, was launched mid-2016, with products from our selection. Then our third store, a physical store in north eastern Australia, opened in August 2017. The Cycle Closet store in Brisbane, Queensland, builds on the Cycle Closet vision to offer cyclists a single destination for all kit – no matter what pedals they push!

Own the Kit = Love the Ride

Need help selecting kit?
Cycle Closet welcomes cyclists who ride for recreation, leisure, competitive sport, general fitness, commuting, downhill adrenaline thrills, mountain trail challenges . . and the list could go on. To find what suits the length and conditions of your rides it’s important to understand the comfort and performance characteristics of the products you wear. Our staff team are riders from a range of cycling disciplines, and they offer fantastic advice based on first-hand experience of how kit performs when they are riding.
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I hope you enjoy shopping at Cycle Closet,
Julian Carne,
Founder and Owner