The Cycle Closet Story

The story behind Cycle Closet

Founder Julian was a keen road and MTB rider and his wife Barbara enjoyed joining him for weekend rides to cafes.  They bought kit online and at bike shops but often ended up disappointed with their purchases.  Julian was tired of kit bought online not being as expected combined with the hassles of returning it. All that was in bike shops for women was black bibs and pink or white jerseys lacking character. Cycle Closet was born because they decided this gap for cyclists needed to be filled.

In 2015 the journey began to build an unmatched range of head-to-toe cycling kit with standout quality combined with wide choices of style and fit. Selection of product lines for Women and men riders began.
In October 2015, the first physical Cycle Closet store opened in the Adelaide, SA, Australia. The second store followed in August 2017 in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, QLD.   continues our vision, by offering cyclists in QLD a single destination for all kit.

The CC Vision

Cycle Closet will provide an unmatched range of head-to-toe kit for anyone who rides a bike

This kit will be available together in physical stores so riders can find products to suit individual fit, performance and fashion needs.  Riders around the world will also have access to a single digital destination to select their kit at the Cycle Closet online shop.

Goals to make the CC Vision a Reality

Range – Offer an unmatched selection of cycling kit, in a specialised location
Physical and Digital Shops – Provide “in person” and online shopping options for customers
Helpful Advice – Offer customers advice about the performance and comfort of kit based on riding experience and understanding the “science” behind fabrics and technical innovation


Inside a Cycle Closet city store you’ll find an array of Head-to-Toe kit beyond expectations

Where do we find kit with a wide variety of styles and technical features?

We carry boutique brands selected from within Australia, plus the finest global brands from the United Kingdom, Europe and the USA.

Need help selecting kit?

We welcome cyclists who ride for recreation, leisure, competitive sport, general fitness, commuting, downhill adrenaline thrills, mountain trail challenges . . and the list could go on. To find what suits the length and conditions of your rides it’s important to understand the comfort and performance characteristics of the products you wear. Our staff team are riders from a range of cycling disciplines, and they offer fantastic advice based on first-hand experience of how kit performs when they are riding.

At Cycle Closet, riders will find a range of gear they can’t sample anywhere else in one place. The CC specialist destination shops make it easy for any type of rider to get into gear they feel comfortable in, functions as they want and is gear that makes them look and feel stylish