Meet the team

Look for our team out riding in our kit to test it first-hand

Founder and Owner

Cycle Closet was founded by Julian, whose rides include pushing himself to the extreme on the open road, or on the dirt tracks off the road. Julian became frustrated by the lack of cycling apparel for riders in Adelaide, and his wife Barbara reinforced this with her experience of the poor kit range from a woman’s perspective.  Julian “set the wheels in motion” to fill this gap for all riders and after only about a year in the making, Cycle Closet opened the Adelaide store for the first customers in 2015.

A self-confessed fitness fanatic, Julian always enjoyed the outdoors and has been an obsessive exerciser all of his life.  He starting with running and cycling then onto swimming for triathlons.  Back in his teenage years, he already had a passion for training hard and was a keen cyclist. Julian will always ‘give it go’, but has the distinction of never actually winning anything.  With years of experience in triathlons, distance bike racing and ocean swimming events, Julian’s feats include twice conquering the feared Three Peaks Challenge cycling event in the Victorian high country. You can tell from his sporting history, that Julian knows first-hand how important it is to wear the right kit if you want to survive to the finish line.

CC’s Adelaide Team

Julian’s wife Barbara, commonly known to friends as Dr Babs, has lots of scientific knowledge from a 26 year career in Cancer Research. She loves looking into what’s behind kit technical performance and fabric characteristics (even the chemistry).  Barbara mostly hits the stationary bike in the gym,  but is definitely an appreciator of what cycling has to offer. As well as going to events with Julian,  the couple love relaxing by catching up on a recording of the Belgium one day classics.

Adelaide Store Manager, Dale, joined the Adelaide team in October, 2017. He is addicted to road riding and conquered one of Australia’s most demanding climbing events, the Falls Creek 3 Peaks Challenge in Victoria. He has an eye for good kit, which prior to joining Cycle Closet he used in his business as a professional Photographer.

Scott is a young “roadie” with a heaps of enthusiasm and talent on the bike. He loves to beat is father-in-law Julian on climbs, which is a pretty common event. Scott brings a wealth of first hand experience with a range of CC road kit and is always happy to talk about what bikes are due for release.

Hannah joined in exercise from an early age, starting as a Brighton nipper, a with playing netball every year of school and being an active Brighton nipper. Hannah began pursuing triathons in her teens which led on to her representing Westminster senior school in the sport. Was bike her strongest leg? Come in store and ask Hannah. Hannah can always help you find a range of options in store to suit your individual needs and style. Most Sundays you can get advice from her when she is running the Adelaide store.

Frances , Julian’s daughter, loves the outdoors and keeps fit in numerous ways. Although she has a heavy load for her professional job, Frances fits in frequent gym visits and flexes her muscles regularly helping with house renovations. Frances’s great eye for womens’ kit stops Julian stocking the racks entirely with hi-viz orange road products or mountain bike kit made from boring fabrics.

Lachlan and Jimmy are team members with the advantage of being really good on two wheels, enhanced by having youth on their side. They bring fresh “under 20” ideas on kit choice and applications. Lachlan is an experienced road rider with heaps of talent and speed. Jimmy is the classic adventurous roadie and his experience includes a solo bike tour around parts of New Zealand. Tom travels to competitions around Australia and overseas to have fun with his bike handling skills.

Stacey and Anita are Cycle Closet team members who, between them have a variety of riding experience in Australia and overseas. These two team members are friendly and relaxed, and more than happy to provide a woman’s view on kit. Don’t feel left out guys, Stacey and Anita offer advice to all riders about functionality and sizing of kit so everyone can find gear to try on and test for fit and comfort in the Adelaide store. Also, they have good insight on style!

CC’s Brisbane Team

Brisbane Store Manager, Lan, was involved in his cycling-related business Buibespoke long before joining Cycle Closet in Fortitude Valley. Lan continues to design creations from the oversupply of used tyres and tubes and has the moto “reinvent, reuse & relove”. He mixes up his riding styles, including commuting to store, cycling along the waterfront and further afield charging up and down dirt trails.

Lauren, an avid cyclists, is a driving force in keeping the Valley store a great place to shop. She makes sure all kit is well displayed and that racks and shelves are stocked full of a wonderful range of kit. What is her favourite ride? Pop in store and ask her? While you’re there, ask about the comfort and performance of kit items.

We are still gathering all the “goss” on the other Valley staff,  so catch us again in a couple of weeks.

Who will have best bike out of Aleks, Grace, JaimeRyan and Will??