Black Sheep Cycling x La Velocita

Continuing our series of product reviews in collaboration with La Velocita, the latest addition is the Essential Team Kit by Black Sheep Cycling. James has been wearing his kit at every sign of sunlight, trying his hardest to try and identify any faults – and as it turns out, there nearly aren’t any.

The Team Jersey is an outrageously light garment that shows Black Sheep’s Queensland roots. They’ve strategically placed light mesh on the back and sides, and super light mesh under the arms to target areas where riders sweat the most. It results in the lightest and airiest jersey I’ve ever worn. Overall it feels wonderfully silky and comfortable on the skin … it dissipates heat exceptionally well.

Anyone living in a hot climate wanting a quality bang-for-buck kit should have the Black Sheep Team Collection at the top of their short list.

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Images by Lana Adams

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