Connections – Stacey’s Dec 2017 blog


Something I’ve learnt that is really important, is the connections you make. Knowing people and staying in contact with people who are willing to help you is so important**. Through my partner Aron, who is Belgian, I have met my coach, who I am very lucky to have been taken on board by. Through racing, I have met photographers, and supporters, some of whom help and support me entirely off of their own backs, and are constantly showing me support whether I am in Belgium or back home in Australia, asking nothing in return. Through other Australians I have met people who have since become a friendly and familiar face in a crowd of strangers. Having someone willing to assist at start and finish lines of races is imperative when conditions are extremely cold and you most definitely need a jacket and long pants before and after your race.

Other connections I have made are with people with a campervan, who open it up to me whenever they are able to get to a race I’m doing – something I certainly don’t take for granted. Through my coach, I have made contact with others involved in the cycling industry, who are invaluable. I have met people from different countries, different backgrounds, different careers, hobbies, lives.The list of connections made can go on, and on, but one thing is for sure, I appreciate them. I’ve learnt how important connections are, and I can only hope that the connections I have made are able to help other young Aussies with a dream of racing CX in future.

**This applies not only to cycling, but to LIFE
📸 @jopijpops in Namen

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