Ridge Supply x La Velocita

Our friends over at La Velocita have put together a profile on the man behind one of our favourite brands; Matt Hawkins of Ridge Supply.


“Ridge Supply founder Matt Hawkins was riding on the shoulder of a wide, straight road in the middle of the day when he was clipped by the wing mirror of a truck. The driver briefly stopped before leaving abandoning Matt lying on the side of the road. Luckily he was found and taken to hospital where x-rays showed a broken pelvis. Matt’s wife kept a steady flow of fluorescent socks on his feet as a reminder not to put weight on his healing left leg during his recovery.

Matt unsurprisingly spent a lot of time thinking about his accident. It was clear to him that the driver didn’t see him. So he analysed what he could have done to prevent it and came to the conclusion that bright, moving colour was the answer. Soon after, his insurance money for the kit ruined in the accident and he invested that money on the first run of Skyline socks. Ridge Supply was born in a blaze of fluorescent glory in July 2015. More socks would come, then full kits, jackets, t-shirts, and even bottles. All totally unmistakably Ridge Supply.”

To read the full feature, head over to the La Velocita website here.

13920913_892025407608244_885717131929837120_nTo adorn yourself in some fluoro goodness head to our selection of Ridge Supply goods here!

Images from the Ridge Supply Facebook page.

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