Black Sheep: Love Bikes Not War!

Black Sheep’s latest Limited Kit will be released online here tonight! Buy this kit after 7pm AEST on Cycle Closet’s Online Store Want to see how it looks? Head to Cycle Closet’s Adelaide Store now! Have a pre-release fittings only at Cycle Closet Adelaide now! Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to try on and reserve … Read more

Stacey: Race Day

Stacey’s last blog before the 2018 Elite Women’s Cyclocross World Championships The start of this trip seemed to go so slowly, but now time is moving so fast. In just days, I will be racing my 15th and final race of this European trip – the World Championships in Valkenburg. This is essentially the reason … Read more

Stacey’s Mindset Shift

Mindset: An insight from Stacey Three days before new years, I had a complete mindset shift. I’m not sure how. I’m not sure why. But it worked, and it has completely changed my racing, training, and general wellbeing here in Belgium. It wasn’t a new years resolution as I don’t really believe in them. It … Read more

🌈 Sagan Wins Stage 4 of 2018 TDU

🌈 SAGAN WINS 🌈 What a brilliant set-up and finish from world champion @petosagan to claim @BupaAustralia Stage 4. He measured that perfectly 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼#TDU 🌈 SAGAN WINS 🌈 What a brilliant set-up and finish from world champion @petosagan to claim @BupaAustralia Stage 4. He measured that perfectly 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼#TDU — Santos Tour Down Under … Read more

Stacey smiles to see the sun

Stacey welcomes a sunny day!🌞 Another training ride ahead Sunny but . . . Still definitely need long sleeves 》》Read more on Instagram

Stacey’s Race Machine Blog from Belgium

My race machine Something I don’t talk about too often is my bikes. I’m not sure why, as they’re incredible, and get me through the toughest races and courses I’ve ever experienced. I don’t have the luxury of three or more bikes that are all identical, but I do have a spare, and that has … Read more

Stacey’s 2017 Belgium wrap-up

Stacey’s final reflections for 2017 For a lot of people 2017 has been full of highs and lows, myself included. But those highs have sure outweighed the lows. In 2017 I have raced my second Cyclocross World Championships and was selected for my third. I have travelled to, and raced, 10 different countries including Belgium, … Read more

Connections – Stacey’s Dec 2017 blog

Connections Something I’ve learnt that is really important, is the connections you make. Knowing people and staying in contact with people who are willing to help you is so important**. Through my partner Aron, who is Belgian, I have met my coach, who I am very lucky to have been taken on board by. Through … Read more

Stacey’s Reflections on arriving in Belgium

Some early thoughts from when I arrived. . When I first arrived in Belgium, I had packed up my life for the next three months in order to race Cyclocross as a ‘full-time athlete’. I am by no means a professional, but having just completed my final year of university, and not yet entering full-time … Read more

3 races in Belgium – Stacey’s 2nd blog

3 races in Belgium If I’m perfectly honest, my first race was not at all what I was expecting. Despite having raced in Europe before, and having already been in Belgium for a week prior, I was still feeling the effects of jet-lag. I was tired, unable to push myself and get my heart rate … Read more